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Our country is a a biodiverse place and the weather isn’t the same in all the country. There are two seasons of the year: Winter and Summer.For this reason in this opportunity I’m going to tell about the weather of the Caribbean coast in Colombia.


The weather in january can be sunny and hot. In Sincelejo for example in this month of the year you shouldn’t sit down out of the house in the afternoon (If you did this, you will burn). 




February is a dry month. In this part of the year in Sincelejo is really terrible sleeping at night. You have to buy 2 fans at least or an air conditioner. You shouldn’t sleep embraced.


If you wanted a better weather, March will close you. In March the weather is sunny and hot but suddenly it could rain, so you should take care because you could get sick with fever o flu.


“In April waters thousand”

April is a fantastic month because the weather is the best of the year, so if you are cold, you will have to sleep embraced. In April it rains all the time. You shouldn’t forget your umbrella. 


In may the weather is cloudy, sometimes it could rain or sunrise. You have to be careful with your health because this weather can get sick. 


June is a warm weather. The tempeture is nice but sometimes it can be rainy. If you want to take a vacation, it will be a great time.


The weather is too hot in this month of the year. You should drink a lot of water and use sunscreen.


The weather is tropical, sometimes it rains but you need use short pants and T- shirt because it’s too hot. 


The weather is tropical, sometimes it rains but is better than August. 


In October the temperatura is really high. If you want to leave in the afternoons, you will think about do it. 


The weather in November is too hot. In this time doesn’t rain. So you have to take a shower each hour.


Unfortunatly in Colombia doesn’t snow but the climate is nice. If you want to travel around Colombia you can do it. 

By: Daniel Tatis Contreras